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And you thought this was just another hot dog restaurant?

Not so... When you sit down for a meal at Phillip's Original Coney Island, you're sitting down to over three quarters of a century of Manus Family tradition.

Phillips buildingWay back in 1912, shortly after immigrating to the United States from Greece, Phillip Manus opened his very first Coney Island. His business flourished; first at the High Street location, then at his best know location at 1244 W. Broad Street.

It was at about this time that Phillip’s son George, followed his father into the business,
opening Phillip’s Son Coney Island on North High St. Later that same year, another son, Bill, joined the act, and together with his father, opened another restaurant on West Broad Street.

Both restaurants prospered until ill health forced Phillip to retire. Bill sold his restaurant and worked on a brief stint with the Sheriff’s Department. But he returned in 1962 to open another restaurant located at 847 W. Mound St. It was at this time that the word “Original” was inserted – so everyone would know that the Manus family was behind it.

And so it went until 1974, when Bill’s oldest son Jim took over the business. Jim’s brother Phillip opened two restaurants of his own as well – one in Westerville, and one at The French Market, until his untimely death caused the restaurants to be closed.

Today, with the one remaining Phillip’s Original Coney Island, Nicholas Manus (the face you see behind the counter) continues to provide Columbus with the same quality and service his great- grandfather did 96 years before him.

Central Ohioans, when you sit down to a meal at Phillip’s Original Coney Island, it’s not just another hot dog –
It’s the Manus family tradition!